About Me


Who am I?
Good Question.

I don't know this, for sure, but I can say this, I know I who I once was and adversely, I know who I hope to become. 
I once was an artist, I could draw and paint and sculpt and take photographs. That was before I broke my hand in a stupid car accident, back before I would develop a slight tremor and the end result would cost me almost all of it as a paralyzing arthritic pain would cripple those ambitions for much the rest of who I once was. 
I wrote bad poetry and actually some really good fiction. 
I hoped to become a writer but got side tracked by the need for money and education and then life got in the way and I forgot that I was going to become a writer.

A writer of what, you might ask- assuming that you haven't rolled your eyes and returned to the lighter world of YouTube and Tumblr. I write a little bit of everything and now am actually writing a novel to boot.

This site is, in fact, mostly about my writing. This site started out as a place to park all the different facets of my writing but I see now that we are going to grow into something more.





Somewhere in the South, I will add a PO Box for mailings as soon as I am sure I will get something safe.