defcon 0 is an ongoing story told in three settings.

Part One will be told before, during and after World War III.
This story will feature vignettes of those who were there and survived time the World Burned.

Part Two will be told after the Great Mistake in which the World Burned… again.

This Story will feature some of the Characters from Part One, but will focus on them in particular as they struggle to survive the post apocalypse.

Part Three will be told 200 years after Part Two.

This is the ongoing story of Frank, a literate survivor in a world of ignorance and brutal survival.

DefCon 0 (Zero) has gone through many changes as I have envisioned, revised and re-envisioned this story of the world following the Nuclear Apocalypse.

I have decided to try to split the story into three parts with a series of characters throughout. The original storyline with a revised plot is currently under migration to the DefCon blog site as Part One and Two will be making their ways into a PDF format that will appear in e-book format here and on Issuu (or similar site).

This is my world albeit that it will share images and imagery and even some plot developments and characters with other like-minded genre outings like Mad Max, Fallout and the Book of Elah (as well as others).

Stay tuned as this continues to develop


Active Storyline Here:

DefCon 0: A Tale of the Wastelands

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