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She sips at it realizing that the ever
curmudgeonous Gaming store owner has reheated it while
she was lost in her meditative trance. Thankful she gives
him the blessing of light and hope that Talos will be more
forgiving the next time he call down his name in vain.
"The coffee is good, may the patron saint of miniatures
bless this peice as I already know she should."
The hero awaits the birth of face as the primer is washed
into place, the artist smiles to herself as her art takes shape.

FROM "Like Tears in the Rain" February 25, 2014

Just like the last time I was touched and with the sudden pressure I felt the rush
of fingertips warm against my back, my mind going back to the thrill to the chills I felt
with the accidental contact of her soft skin- my fingers would brush, then like
maddening  moments that my heart would thrum and by blood would drum until
like plucked feathers falling in dizzying swirls- I would remember that nothing else
could ever make me react to an equation that quantified no answer, no distance,
no resolution, no sum.

Tears in the Rain

Tears in the Rain

DSC00978 coapy.jpg

From "What is lost" November 23, 2013

t's sometime in the morning, somewhere before the dawn
breaks into the twilight that comes after the moon
passes from the cloudy skies obscuring the stars
that were there before I went to sleep knowing that
there would be something I had lost when the light
comes creeping into my bedroom and I can still
stand the empty sheets
the place where you would have slept, 
the fears that you could have kept
the moments of doubt that were left
are all I have now here bereft of
my tears like echoes of "I love yous".

Morgan's Lament

I Remember You by Nightt-Angell, ©2011-2016 Nightt-Angell Deviant Art

Nightt-Angell's Deviant Art Page


                                                                                                                                                       I was born to become a princess not another man's spouse.
live in a castle, not a cave or a windswept ruin of a house
I was going to live as a lady in a high tower safe from harm,
I was to be married to a gallant knight, my hand on his arm. 
Destiny be damned, if I must be the villain, then that is what I am. 

I had a father until your father betrayed and murdered him.
Oh how could the feys be so cruel, so macabre, so grim!   
I had a mother until you father deceived and stole her away,
He called it love, while I call it rape, what's more to say?
My mother wept, her children orphaned while we slept.

I had a brother until that mystic stole him from her breast.
Changed him into something I would grow in time to detest.
I had a brother who would come to be everything I hate,
All that should have be mine, His- ironic twist of fate!
The Age will come to an end, nothing left to defend.

I will have my revenge, for all that has been taken from me.
My name will be whispered in corners as children cry, flee.
I will have justice, the scales will be balanced eventually
No one will escape their doom, just you wait and see.
The crown will slip then fall, the bastard returns proud tall.

The loom will falter, the mirror cracks from side to side,
blood on the needle, the trickle will become the tide
traps were laid, plans carefully made and then betrayed,                                              
let the storm come over the battlefields dead and grayed
let the waters wash away my regret, I am determined, set.

I have never known what is was to be loved or to love as well
hold someone in my embrace, captured in a singular spell
I have never been touched with anything softer than a switch
having been called a whore, a wanton fool, a conniving witch
There will be no more tears, no more hope, no more fear.