The Social Media Poem started out as a whim, experiment to post poetry that was/is relevant to social media as an actual artistic medium. I decided to post within the character confines of Twitter's 140 character limit. The last few poems are actually inspired by another Twitter Poet, Brian Bilston, who took pictures/screen captures of his longer pieces and posted them to twitter as pictures, thereby allowing people to see a much longer poem in a definite format. At this point, SMP's are finished. I wrote 50 of them. I had originally planned to write 100. I may return to them at some point and write the other 50.

Here you will find all 50 of the ones I did write.


Social Media Poem #00001
I intend to write many poems
in the shell of a tweet
saying all along
Isn’t that neat and complete.
Social Media Poem #00002
Bird Seed is where socialmedia birds feed
twitting and tweeting, sentences the ending
completing. flighty flitting
Social Media Poem #00003
I had to start somewhere, so I told
the troll that I wanted some cheer.
He just smiled at me & ordered
another beer.
Social Media Poem #0004
Ahem, err, cough cough
I meant to say, ack.
No, I hiccuped then burped
all the while my twitter
Social Media Poem #0005
It’s Monday, not Sunday
manic lyrics, sad spirits
modern life, needless strife
my day off-not my fault
not so bad-trolls go mad
Social Media Poem #0006
Prick your thumb
see the blood, a
chill in your arms
comfortably numb
old songs old ways
check your pulse
count back your days
Social Media Poem #0007
If not for Ellie
then I would for Eric
but mostly for both
of them or the moment
we kissed & my
toes curled inside
my shoes
Social Media Poem #007.1
I was born on the 7th day
there are 7 days in a week
7 ways in order to say
”I love you” so to speak
or maybe I just lost count
Social Media Poem #0008
youtube, you infinite
glorious unification of rant & ecstatic
statement of being. you’re all about
cats, spectacle, and seeing.
Social Media Poem #009
Kill & be Killed
bullets & beans
it is what it is
little in between
hate & be hated
trolls & fools
it is what it is
even belated
Social Media Poem #010
This is *%$ Love song!
we belong together
in all kinds of weather
I really love you Jordan
or Jill, I mean Sally-
Social Media Poem #011
Ghostbusted the stereotypes
sell the new toys, merchandising
run amok-
will there be stuff for both the girls
and/or the boys
Social Media Poem #012
Pokemania goes
a lot like reality shows
nobody really knows
but the mania grows
you might try going
where the red ball
SM Poem #013
I want your X
Social Media Poem #013
I post your seed
media plex
free spirit weed
flexible sex
in the twitter feed
Tumblr text
steampunk tweed
Social Media Poem #014
Monday’s rain falls
from Sunday’s sky
Tuesday remains
a shadow of
Wednesday’s why
Reminding me
that counting days
is futility.
Social Media Poem #015
Now is the time
when all good women
should ignore all bad men
and go out for tea.
what will it be
you, them or me?
Social Media Poem #016
Americans go to parties
to vote on parties going
to cons to party about
America is great
at everything that’s
Social Media Poem #017
I want to plagerize this
I want to copy a kiss
whatever else there
was to reminice
about is just
hit or miss
copyright this.
Social Media Poem #018
Web hosting what a waste
half of it is a bad idea
the rest is not even cut ‘n paste
like making bad bets
so much for regrets
Social Media Poem #019
This is how the world ends
not with a tweet or a whimper
but with a rant video and
a fourbit gif ranked bit
of whiny stuper.
Social Media Poem #020
Once I was young
now I am not
once I was cool
now I am hot
once I had class
now I have gas
Once I was bold
now I am that old.
Social Media Poem #021
I would remain true
to the users of social
media w/o a clue
but given the angst
anger & pain
I turn back to
my wit & remain
Social Media Poem #022
Powerless interruption
magnificent corruption
ruinous creation
satisfactory abomination
hazy approximation
sexless appreciation
Social Media Poem #023
Writer’s block denied
poetic justice retried
lost penmanship espied
my keyboard is wide
my vocabulary abide
my books still hide
Social Media Poem #024
Some days I feel like Weird Al
read my mind & then told
21 pilots to write an insane
jig- make me feel less
despondent than witty
Social Media Poem #025
Virtually I will stand
upon a whois command
to the 404 ampersand
a traceroute
back to that distant
domain, my forgotten
Social Media Poem #026
All the things that
she could’ve said
all the texts
running thru my head
autocorrect will have its say
what did it matter anyway
Social Media Poem #027
Outrage & Tea
1 lump or 2
let the games
nuances compete
Make a comment
or 2
be mean be rude
bad attitude
Social Media Poem #028
social sellouts
Youtube not cool
this is the age
for truthful
lies, ranting
Whosay is king
or Vine or Reddit
Social Media Poem #029
Sound Problems are
like wine that looks like
chardonnay but tastes
like- chicken a la king.
my Grip gives me the
bird- that’s absurd
Sociael Media Poem #030
Another Monday Poem
another perchance to roem
off topic do I goem
romancing the stoem
the rain falls on the goloem
critics do moaem
Social Media Poem #031
Social Media Poetry
is for the absurd blue
birds that tweet in
abbr. # so sweet
that I can almost
taste the complex
Social Media Poem #031.5
Perfect love isn’t
on OK Cupid
I’m not stupid
there might be
plenty of fish
like faking.wish
isn’t date.rom
Social Media Poem #032
Tinder swipes make me
feel shallow & cheap
as I reject a woman’s beauty
since it is only skin deep
do I give in?
my morals weep
Social Media Poem #033
Today was 98 deg. hot
I felt like a burnt tater-tot
sweat runs down my neck
I need a rain-check
let’s blame Obama-
what the heck
Social Media Poem #034
He had the fastest hands
in the west- hearing no
evil Pryor to seeing
his quips equal
to the joyous cynicism
of wilder things.
Social Media Poem #035
Football Logic is only
reasonable with home
brew circles & by
yelling obscenities
at your BF’s team
and downing another
Social Media Poem #036
What will become of
our hatred if we
cross over this
subliminal travesty
cry for her, cry for me
for love of our country
Social Media Poem #037
Justifiable Deniability
question the truth
they say you can
not prove innocence
or a negative
Idiocy rules of
moral defense
Social Media Poem #038
Ode to Allergies
cough, sniffle, sneeze
gag, choke, wheeze
ears ringing
sinuses stinging
tissues piling
drug companies
Social Media Poem #039
where the
love of carnage is
mixed with yells
of couch riding
claiming that
refs are idiots
ruining the sport
Social Media Poem #040
I will go fearless
I will become careless
as if to say I care a little
at least a little
more than
upload my emotional
Social Media Poem #041
When I am 5 feet under
or an urn of ash
remember these words
the tantamount
utterances of our man
Mr. Van, duke of the
Social Media Poem #042
This is the end
this is when you just realized
that you did not amend
that idiot statement before
you hit send.
tweet and defend
Social Media Poem #042.5
I wanted to tell her I loved her
I wanted to say I’d be true
I wanted to write a love song
since I don’t text she hasn’t a
Social Media Poem #043
They become the wolves
who feed upon the masses
media frenzies the net
click baiting their posts
to our immediate doom
Social Media Poem #044
Well that didn’t work
as I struggle to
remember to
push alt- return
or the shift instead
all these keystrokes
stuck in my head
Social Media Poem #045
Hey, Delores, it’s your Birthday
JibJab is on its way
you can sing, you can dance
headlong romance
and like a Vine
it’s sublime!
Social Media Poem #046
It’s time for a new format.
Imagine that,
unbound by character limits
I can run amok verbally
assured in my own sense
of insane recompense

copyright 2016
mv2 studios
Social Media Poem #047
My Fitness Friend

Today I weighed in 393 pounds
Down by 33 since I stopped
my headlong plunge to self
annihilation through my abhorrence
for exercise, my lust for all things
cravenly sweet.
A fine way to go, no longer able to
look down and see my feet.

My Fitness Friend, let’s call him
Frank, is telling me it’s time to
give the whole routine another
crank, down the rabbit hole of
stuff, drop another cookie on the
way back to the world above.
This is the weigh I lose some weight
not with a silver spoon, but with
actionable moves to fitness checkmate.

Frank just sighs inaudible notifications
time to walk a thousand steps perdition.
He reminds me that we have a mission
on the bounce, he yells like some drill
instructor stomping on my Romany Creams
while the scale screams, the soda devils
run amok in my REM driven dreams.
This is how my day will go, this is what I
have to show, I climb up to my apogee of win
Now I must run the race within.

copyright 2016
mv2 studios.
Social Media Poem #049

Willful ignorance
blind suspicion
is our last chance
impossible mission.
can be golden opportunity
losing the game
can grab the bull by its horns
getting speared all the same.
against the machines
chasing another man’s dreams
Time to roll the dice
are against us, think twice
we are not the tool
we are not the tool
we talk of life and love
the fool.
Social Media Poem #050

Cultural Appropriation has been appropriated
from the Root of the word itself, did the very
definition get notified when people decided to
make it synonymous outrage and insult?
Did someone stop it on the street to harangue
it for not being considerate of others before
redefining an age-old crime in which a group
of people express their anger at being ripped
off of a story or idea that they had ripped off of
someone else before them? Did someone figure
out who to ask to forgive the thoughtlessness of
people who are long dead and hopefully forgotten
then selectively attack their descendants or just
the poor fools who happen to find a thing and like
it enough to recreate it in their own understanding
of the word or art or form or food?
Did those who feel that they are being left out of
the decision, excluded by being included stop to
consider that maybe just maybe everyone involved
could be right instead of universally hating that they
tried to say something about your legends or stories
of beliefs because they liked it that much to risk you
hating them for wanting to share it with others.
Did anyone ever stop to ask who any of it really
belongs to? Did anyone ever just admit it might
belong to all of us?
When is it my turn to be accused of stealing material
from this poem and thereby insulting the Greek person
who inspired me to say that I wanted to be like that
Bantu Language group person who was impressed by
the words repeated by an ancient Egyptian that might
have been paraphrasing what Gilgamesh had stolen
from Adam who was just echoing Eve or was it that
other woman that gets left out of the story because
she doesn’t fit with the point that some white person
had the nerve to write in Lily as a part of his own
work without asking the Navajo if that was okay first?
Don’t concern yourself with understanding it, just read
the blurb before writing in your angry hurt comment
along with some appropriate emojis that were
appropriated from AOL.
Social Media Poem #051
Reaching out across the Twitter-verse chasing a post I made but lost in the viral uproar, something I confessed
but now regret, scroll scrolling in desperation to find it forgetting that
my app has a search function, trying
not to curse or cry or just freaking out my mind screaming in panic or horror how could I have been so stupid to think that admitting that would redeem me
in the eyes of the unseen anons, that mercy exists out here, that a regret is retrievable or that anything I tweeted can truly ever be deleted?
No, I admonish myself, I said it, it will remain forever a misplaced, misspoken stain, I must admit my failure, take this moment to vow not to abstain, strain
my brain, the words running out of conscience consciously inconspicuously like rain sliding down the virtual door
on which I now lean, somewhere I am
in between the lines before the fruitless searching reveals nothing, I remember that I posted it on Tumblr instead which is most likely and possibly dead anyway sorry for all that ranting railing that I have just said.
copyright mikev2 2016
Facebook POV
It’s always those damnable cats! It’s like kids
hitting those balls with plastic bats, all at once
cute boring predictable and annoying, alright already
one more selfie of you in the bathroom or car
is long past the moment I was enjoying whatever
Takei has been posting as if my like ceased to be
anything more than the voyeurism I am ghosting
I will make a comment, I will edit it, I will rage
when I cannot overcome my autocorrect, what is
my age can I not embarrass myself again on my
favorite page? It’s as if there is nothing more to
my day than this scrolling and trolling that makes
me hate the couples happy, the family pictures sappy
the photography of everything so crappy, not
another word, not another link to some ad-drenched
web site, I need to make this an early nite, one more
vertical video and I shall go stark raving mad, it’s
what my life has come to sharing AFV rejects with
everyone unlucky enough to be on his friend’s list
here’s another ad for something you might have missed
It’s just another Facebook day, I am not too bitter
look on the bright side, though, at least I am not Twitter.
— Poetry According to Mike. March 13, 2015