Defining a Superhero

This was my first original fiction blog. I started writing it in January of 2012. it has progressed for 4 years, I have occasionally lost the thread and promised when I rewrote it I would get the continuity fixed at that point. Most of it works, the story went in directions I never suspected or planned for it to go.

This is the story of Nemesis, told from his perspective.

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Superheroes are Hard to Find

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The Lone Wolf

Nemesis starts out as a nameless largely faceless vigilante seeking no real reason for wanting to do what he does. He justifies what he sees as his balancing justice because he can. He claims he has no overall motives for being a vigilante. The lies that we tell ourselves.


The Beginning of Heroism

By rescuing Maggie, a bartender in the now famous Quickie Mart sequence, Dixon finds that he as a reason to be a hero more than just a brutal enforcer of his own code of justice. 

Nemesis Begins


It is not until he meets up with Nightshade, that Dixon gives himself as actual Superhero name, Nemesis is born out of a need to impress a fellow superhero.

The Cast:

Officially, she is the sidekick of The Midnight Marauder (own entry coming). 
Unofficially, she is his daughter and only child.
She choses to join Nemesis after beginning a romantic relationship with him which
eventually brings her into direct conflict with her father.
Nightshade is a Mod or a level 3 Superhero. 
Powers: Enhanced Athletic Prowess, primarily agility and speed.
Enhanced perception, endurance, above average strength
enhanced hearing.

aka ben dixon or thirteen.
Nemesis is unaware that he is anything
but a Semi or a level 4 superhero until the
agency takes a sudden interest in him and
suppressed memories surface that eventually
reveal that he is actually a Meta or level 0.
Powers: Nemesis can manipulate materials like
clothing changing their density & color to
match his will (so far) For instance he can change
a hoodie into a material that has the same
properties as kevlar or harden it to the tensil
strength of steel. 
He has increased strength, speed, agility, 
endurance, perception.
He can directly affect luck, chance, and time.
As a recent meta, he is just beginning to
remember what he is really capable of.


More to come soon.