The Queen Prophecy

The Queen Prophecy was my first foray into serial blogging. The story has actually been written out longhand and I was transcribing/rewriting until I ran out of steam. 


There a certain truths in the universe or universe depending on whose eyes your looking through or for that matter how many eyes the lucky soul whose eyes you look through. This is one truth, it is undeniable and holds a secret to a universe. A universe that I choose to not only live in but will invite you the viewer to see. My story is not necessarily what this story is about. My story is involved with this story but it really is her story.. Her story really begins with the beginning of all things and the creation of time- well our time, not in fact time itself, but most of that is quite boring. Instead I will begin her story with a song. In my eyes all stories begin with a song.
 What song you may ask? The song. The song the creator sang when hesheit created all things and not things that surround and fill us. Aos- that's what we call himherit, anyway Aos opened the Source and from it came the Song. The song has seven words - which will not be repeated her since I need this world to hold together a little while longer. Just take it from me that the Song is the most powerful force in our universe other than Aos the creator, although I guess one could say that Aos is the Song but I digress. All you really need or probably want to know is that it all began with a song.
What song you may ask again if you are quite bold and i daresay you are young fool?
That Song is what we call the Song of Making, Seven words that made all things in the Universe or -yes that's correct universes.

Her song began many eons later in a kingdom on a world far from the Source with her birth, but her story begins now on another world all together with another song and that my dear viewer is all you need to know right now....

Chapter One

“How do I make you love me?”

                Vanessa hummed in the mirror that particular morning in March. The day was the 22th of March and cloudy. It was a day like any other day, nothing special to it like the 28th which would be her 32nd birthday. Too many twos she thought as she adjusted a strand of hair. I wonder where Anne will connive to take her for her birthday party. She hoped it was not going to be another singles bar where she would drink too much and still go home alone since she never trusted any man who was in the bar. Not like last year, she thought with a shudder.

                The rains had lasted the night and mist covered much of the Bay area around her condo. Her world glistened as if freshly washed, but it was doubtful there would be any promise of sunshine. She pouted at her reflection making her expression wrinkle into something unpleasant, more lipstick then.

“How do I make you care?”