The SlipGate Exile

SlipGate Exiles: The Real Story
So I could further Explore a storyline that I originally started writing as a screenplay with hope of having a truly or at least mostly alien being end up on earth - an exile from another galaxy where an eternal war rages. Imagine my surprise when I found a TV series that had almost an identical plot! Never being too deterred I have become determined to write this one through and see where it takes me. I will be importing and rewriting what I have already posted but first a beginning.

Thursday, May 24, 2012
An Arrival of Sorts
"There is is again, Professor."

"What do you mean "there" Fred?" Professor Williams said as he looked up from the console where he was searching through the dark matter between Jupiter and Saturn for what his team had taken to calling a ripple.

"It's the ripple again Doc." This voice belongs to Mick the Research Assistant that has been posted here with Williams for the longest time. "I am sure of it."

Williams got up and crossed the small office to look over the 2 young men's shoulders as they crowd the Mac monitor staring at what is to the untrained eye, an program with radio charts and lots of numbers. No spectacular shot of the deepness of space nor the dynamic juxtaposition of planets conveniently overlapping for easy reference. No just the broad expanses of filtered void in which to track what only appears as a slight fluctuation of numbers on their screens.
Still it beats being out there are seeing what?
Nothing big no vast stretches of nothing - all that space between planets and other denizens of the known universe. Sci-Fi had ruined most people on the realities of the immensity of space needing to confine space down to a manageable and imaginable expanse for space ships and combat when in truth no one would see anything unless they knew exactly where to look. Such is space, off .00000000000000001 degrees and you could miss just about everything. In many ways this was an alien concept to most humans.
The Irony of it all, Williams thought as he peered down at the numbers.